the Chemistry Course in Faculty of Science, Ehime University
Insight into chemistry leads you to a bright future and a new age

the Chemistry Course in Faculty of Science, Ehime University

For thousands of years the human race has accumulated knowledge about matter and has developed technologies for dealing with it. Today, these are supporting civilization as academic fields and related technology under the name of chemistry. The basis of chemistry lies in clarifying the characteristics of materials and their transformations at the atomic and molecular levels.
In the Department of Chemistry, students learn through both lectures and experiments, which function together like the wheels on a car. Today chemistry is deeply related to physics and biology, and thus an integrated course is available that provides education spanning chemistry and these other fields. In their final year, students are assigned to particular research groups and undertake graduation research with the aim of discovering some new chemical phenomenon or gaining new concepts.

From Dean of Chemistry Course

As illustrated by the history, Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, humankind have developed their civilization by obtaining a new material. In this department, you will learn a wide and profound body of knowledge in chemistry, and will have the eye of the scientists, who can understand the truth and law of nature behind the change in the state of the matters. You will also obtain an ability to deal with practical problems through your laboratory experiences. You will attain wide vision and great insight to analyze and solve problems in your future lives through observation of atoms and electrons behavior. You will utilize the knowledge and abilities attained in this department to solve general problems in your daily lives as well as professional problems in the future society. All of our department stuff are always looking forward to your joining us to study chemistry and open a new age together.

Curriculum for Chemistry course, Faculty of Science, Ehime University