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  1. Design of Capillary Reactor with Internal Solid-Catalyst Layer
    Ryoji Takahashi, Satoshi Sato, and Toshiaki Sodesawa
    Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 172 (2007) 245-248.

  2. ゾルゲル法により作製したNi/SiO2触媒の細孔構造とNi分散性
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 47 No. 6 (2005) 456-457.
    (Pore structures and Ni dispersion in Ni/SiO2 prepared by sol-gel method )

  3. 連続貫通マクロ孔を有する二元細孔シリカアルミナを用いた触媒反応
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 47 No. 2 (2005) 162-164.
    (Catalysis over silica-alumina with bimodal pores)

  4. 二元細孔シリカの調製
    第一回触媒相模セミナー講演要旨集, (2004) 4-9.
    (Preparation of silica with bimodal pore structures)

  5. Macropore formation in water-glass-derived silica gel by phase separation
    Ryoji Takahashi, Satoshi Sato, and Toshiaki Sodesawa
    Proceedings of XX International Congress on Glass, O-11-003 (2004) 1-6.(Distributed by CD-ROM only)

  6. X線小角散乱を用いたゾルゲル過程の解析
    日本ゾルゲル学会セミナー講演要旨集, (2004) 33-36.
    (Small Angle X-ray Scattering Studies on Sol-Gel Process)

  7. 水ガラスからの二元細孔シリカの作製とその結晶化
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 45 No. 6 (2003) 451-453.
    (Preparation of Bimodal Porous Silica from Water Glass and its Crystallization to Zeolite)

  8. 二元細孔Ni/SiO2触媒の作製と物性評価
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 43 No. 6 (2001) 470-472.
    (Preparation and Characterization of Ni/SiO2 with Bimodal Pore Structure)

  9. Structural and catalytic properties of silica-alumina with bimodal pores
    Ryoji Takahashi
    Preprints-symposia, Division of Petroleum Chemistry, Inc., American Chemical Society, 46 (2001) 301-303.

  10. 有機無機複合体からの金属酸化物多孔体の合成とその生成機構
    第14回イオン交換セミナー講演要旨集, (2001) 35-40.
    (Formation Process of porous metal oxides from organic-inorganic composites)

  11. ゲル内液相中の溶質の拡散係数測定
    高橋亮治・加茂前有美・佐藤智司・袖沢利昭 (Ryoji Takahashi, Yumi Kamomae, Satoshi Sato and Toshiaki Sodesawa)
    触媒 (Shokubai), 42, No. 6, (2000) 472-474.
    (Measurement of the diffusion coefficient of solute in liquid phase in gel)

  12. チタンアルコキシド−有機酸複合体の熱分解による多孔質チタニアの作製
    エコテクノロジー研究 (Journal of Ecotechnology Research), 5, No. 2 (1999) 246-247.
    (Preparation of Porous Titania by Pyrolysis of Titanium Alkoxide-Organic Acid Composites)

  13. ヒドロキシ酸を用いたシリカゲルの細孔構造制御
    高橋亮治・川喜田真千子・佐藤智司・袖沢利昭 (Ryoji Takahashi, Machiko Kawakita, Satoshi Sato and Toshiaki Sodesawa)
    触媒 (Shokubai), 41, No. 6, (1999) 483-485.
    (Pore structure control of silica derived by sol-gel process in the presence of hydroxy acid)

  14. 湿潤ゲル溶液置換法によるNi/SiO2触媒の調製とNi粒子の分散性制御
    高橋亮治・吉井臣在・加藤正之・佐藤智司・袖沢利昭 (Ryoji Takahashi, Takaaki Yoshii, Masayuki Kato, Satoshi Sato and Toshiaki Sodesawa)
    触媒 (Shokubai), 40, No. 6, (1998) 396-399.
    (Control of Ni dispersion in Ni/SiO2 catalyst prepared by solution exchange of wet gel)

  15. 1,3-ブタンジオール脱水反応におけるCeO2活性点構造の検討
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 47 No. 6 (2005) 424-426.
    (Study of the mechanism of selective dehydration of 1,3-diols over CeO2)

  16. セリア上における1,3-ブタンジオールの選択的脱水反応とそのメカニズムの検討
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 46 No. 6 (2004) 522-524.
    (Study of the mechanism of selective dehydration of 1,3-diols over CeO2)

  17. ジオールからの不飽和アルコールの選択的合成
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 45 No. 6 (2003) 534-536.
    (Selective formation of unsaturated alcohol from 1,3-diol)

  18. 脂肪酸を用いて調製した多孔質Ni-MgO触媒によるケトンの液相水素化反応
    触媒 (Shokubai) , 44 No. 6 (2002) 492-494.
    (Liquid-phase Hydrogenation of Ketones over Mesoporous Ni-MgO Catalysts Prepared by Using Fatty Acids)

  19. シリカコーティングによる高比表面積酸化物の調製
    触媒(Shokubai), 44 No. 2 (2002) 143-145.
    (Preparation of high-surface-area metal oxides coated with silica)

  20. N2O酸化反応を利用したCu表面積の新しい測定法
    触媒 (Shokubai), 43, No. 2 (2001) 128-130.
    (Novel method for evaluation of Cu surface area using N2O oxidation coupled with TPR technique)

  21. シリカ析出によるZrO2の高表面積化
    触媒 (Shokubai), 42, No. 2 (2000) 93-95.
    (Preparation of high surface-area zirconia caused by silica-deposition)

  22. CeO2-MgO触媒上におけるアルコールの活性化
    佐藤智司、高橋亮治、袖沢利昭 (Satoshi Sato, Ryoji Takahashi and Toshiaki Sodesawa)
    触媒 (Shokubai), 41, No. 2 (1999) 131-133.
    (Activation of Alcohol over CeO2-MgO Catalyst)

  23. Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study of Gelling Silica-Organic Polymer Solution: Systems Containing Poly(Acrylic Acid) or Poly(ethylene Oxide)
    Kazuki Nakanishi, Ryoji Takahashi, Naohiro Soga, Hideki Matsuoka, Hiroshi Ishii and Norio Ise
    Proceedings of XVI Conference on Applied Crystallography, eds. H. Morawiec and D. Stroz, , (1995) 197-200.
    (シリカー有機高分子ゾルゲル系の小角X線散乱による観察: ポリアクリル酸およびポリエチレンオキシド共存系)

  24. Synthesis and structure control of inorganic porous gels by the polymer-incorporated sol-gel method
    Naohiro Soga, Kazuki Nakanishi and Ryoji Takahashi
    New Functionality Materials, vol. C Synthetic Process and Control of Functionality Materials, eds. T. Tsuruta, M. Doyama, M. Seno, Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam, (1993) 685-690.