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5 Aug 2019
Dr. Fan WU joined our group. Welcome back to Matsuyama!
29 Jul 2019
"From π-expanded diketopyrrolopyrroles to pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrroles - the fluorophores for XXI century" by Prof. Daniel T. Gryko
21-26 Jul 2019
Oki received a Wiley-VCH Poster Prize.
18 Jun 2019
"Modulation Spintronic Properties of Metallocorroles" by Prof. Zhen Shen
"Catalytic Hydrogenation of Carbon-Carbon Single Bond with Water Catalyzed by Metalloporphyrins" by Prof. Kin-Shing Chan
12 Jun 2019
Functional Materials: Advances and Applications in Energy Storage and Conversion (edited by Toshio Naito)
Light-Active Functional Organic Materials (edited by Hiroko Yamada and Shiki Yagai)
7 Jun 2019
Our paper was tweeted by CSJ Journals.
1 Jun 2019
Recent publications: Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Publications
18 Apr 2019
Recent publications: European Journal of Organic Chemistry Publications
10 May 2019
PhD defence of Stijn Boodts at KU Leuven
15 May 2019
Our paper was selected as BCSJ Award Article.
5 Mar 2019
Recent publications: Organic Letters Publications
26 Feb 2019
Recent publications: Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Publications
18 Feb 2019
Recent publications: Heterocycles Publications
Happy New Year!
12 Oct 2018
Our work was selected by the editorial board of Synfacts.
1 Aug 2018
Recent publications: Journal of the American Chemical Society Publications
19 Jul 2018
Recent publications: Heterocycles Publications
21 Jul 2018
Seminar on Porphyrinoid Chemistry at Ehime University Program
16 Apr 2018
Recent publications: RSC Advances Publications
3 Apr 2018
Farewell party for Dr. Wu
24 Mar 2018
Graduation farewell party of Yuki-Group
9 Feb 2018
Lecture "Metallocorroles for Photocatalysis" by Prof. Zeev Gross (Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
Dec 2017
Pecent publications: Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Publications
18 Dec 2017
Lecture "Optimized fluorescent emitters based on a hydroxybenzazole or anil scaffold" (Dr. Julien MASSUE, France)
Stijn (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Amy left our group. See you!
11 Nov 2017
Prof. Uno's Happy sixty party
24 Aug 2017
Beer Party!
2 Aug 2017
Mr. Stijn Boodts (KU Leuven, Belgium) joined our group
21 Jul 2017
Recent publications: Nature Communications Publications
30 Jun 2017
8-9 Jun 2017
Mr. Oki (D1) received a poster award at 111st Symposium on organic synthesis (Okayama).
3-4 Jun 2017
Mr. Sasaki (M2) received a poster award at SHGSC2017 (Kusatsu).
23-27 May 2017
CanBIC-6@Parry Sound (Canada) Uno, Takase
29 Mar 2017
Lecture "Phthalocyanine containing carbon nanostructure" (Prof. Tomas Torres, Spain)
16-19 Mar 2017
The 97th CSJ Annual Meeting
14 Feb 2017
Ph. D. Defence (K.Tagawa)
Feb 2017
Recent publications: Tetrahedron Publications
Happy new year!
Nov 2016
Recent publication: Chemistry Letters Publications
30 Sep 2016
Dr. Wu joined our group.
26 Sep 2016
Prof. Okujima was back.