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Beer Party!
Mr. Stijn Boodts (KU Leuven, Belgium) joined our group
21 Jul 2017
Recent publications: Nature Communications Publications
30 Jun 2017
8-9 Jun 2017
Mr. Oki (D1) received a poster award at 111st Symposium on organic synthesis (Okayama).
3-4 Jun 2017
Mr. Sasaki (M2) received a poster award at SHGSC2017 (Kusatsu).
23-27 May 2017
CanBIC-6@Parry Sound (Canada) Uno, Takase
29 Mar 2017
Lecture "Phthalocyanine containing carbon nanostructure" (Prof. Tomas Torres, Spain)
16-19 Mar 2017
The 97th CSJ Annual Meeting
14 Feb 2017
Ph. D. Defence (K.Tagawa)
Feb 2017
Recent publications: Tetrahedron Publications
Happy new year!
Nov 2016
Recent publication: Chemistry Letters Publications
30 Sep 2016
Dr. Wu joined our group.
26 Sep 2016
Prof. Okujima was back.